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Here's the documentation of NokiaCmoN. Of course, I aim to make the program as intuitive as possible but a bit text accompaning the program can't do any harm ;)

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Getting NokiaCmoN

You can always get the latest Release from the project summary page ( If you're a normal user just wanting the application to run on your PC, I recommend you to download it from there.
But if you're a developer (or want to read some code) you can checkout the latest CVS tree by executing the following commands:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co nokiacmon

This will get you the latest development resources right onto your hard disc. It should compile but there's no warranty...

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After you downloaded the package (I use nokiacmon-0.0.0-pre5.tar.gz in this example) you may extract it by executing tar xvfz nokiacmon-0.0.0-pre5.tar.gz and you'll get a directory called nokiacmon-0.0.0-pre5. Change directory to it (cd nokiacmon-0.0.0-pre5) and execute ./configure. Now you see alot of output - disregard it.
If it ended successfully, you may want the program to compile. This is done by running the make command. This takes a while...
Now you need further ado - switch to the super user(root) account by running su and type make install.
Now, when you right-click onto the kicker bar and list all kicker applets, you see Nokia C110/C111 Monitor - Click it!

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Final Remarks

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