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I got the idea to make this program when I was installing the nokia drivers for my Nokia C111 Wireless Lan Card. I read through the manual included with the drivers and searched for a GUI with no luck. So read some books about QT, KDE and C++ and started developing ;)
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Currently the software is quite bugless and also featureless (not futureless *g*).
It's current use is focused on monitoring the operation (Statistics).

You can also view some screenshots available. Please keep in mind that the screenshots are normally older than the last release. Nevertheless, there's a date in the bottom right corner of each picture. Click one of the links and you'll see the picture:
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You can download the latest release from here.
Alternatively, if you are into software testing, you can download the very latest sources from the project's CVS server. Instructions on how to get the files from the CVS can be found here.
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Nokia US
KDE Developer Home
Original Home of nokiacmon
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Further informations

Just to whom it may concern:
I tried to reach Nokia via email to ask them if they would include a stable release of nokiacmon into their driver package. I tried all address I could get into my hands but with no luck. Even an automated reply would do for a few days but this come neither.
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